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A properly cleaned residential trash bin or commercial dumpster is vital for the prevention of bacteria growth, the spread of harmful viruses, as well as repelling against rodents, insects, and other wildlife. A professionally maintained bin or dumpster is critical for providing a safer, healthier, and cleaner community.


Our revolutionary process eliminates the odor causing bacteria and germs that attract unwanted visitors looking to feast on decomposing material or worse, lay their eggs. Your customers, family members, and neighbors will all benefit from the absence of this unwanted "perfume" in the air. Having a sanitized dumpster or bin also eliminates that same bacteria from being brought into your home or business by the person tasked with taking out the trash. No more dirty hands, dirty handles, and dirty door knobs! Disinfected surfaces remain germ free an dramatically reduce the spread of micro-organisms.

Environmentally Friendly

Trident Cleaners utilizes an Eco-friendly cleaning process that yields further benefits. Not only do we kill bacteria, germs, and harmful odors, we do it without negatively impacting our community. No chemicals, no adverse dumping, and no burden on the environment! While completely eliminating flies, roaches, rats, etc. from the area is unrealistic, Trident Cleaners hopes to reduce the population by addressing their breeding grounds and unpleasant sustenance.

Commercial Dumpsters

Regular monthly service is highly recommended for commercial clients with dumpsters due to the volume of usage. Trident Cleaners will visit your business after your dumpster has been emptied. We'll remove your dumpster from its dedicated space, pressure wash the pad and enclosure, sanitize your dumpster, and replace it all in the same visit. Our self-contained unit ensures that we take all the "dirty water" with us when we leave!

Residential Trash & Recycling Bins

We arrive curbside on the day your trash and recycling bins have been emptied. We start by pressure washing the exterior of your bins. Your bins are then lifted directly over our state-of-the-art system for a thorough deep cleaning at over 185 degrees. The residual debris, bacteria, and "dirty water" is captured in our self-contained unit. That's right, we take it with us! We then lower your bins to the ground, inspect for cleanliness, and add an odor neutralizer that smells pleasant to our customers and wards off "critters!" Your bins are placed right back where we found them - sanitized, disinfected, and deodorized.


Serving the Gwinnett County, Georgia and surrounding areas 678-250-3990