Giving Back

From its inception, Trident Cleaners has been committed to making a difference in the community beyond simply cleaning trash bins and dumpsters. In that spirit, we are guided daily by a very simple philosophy - Give, Serve, Love. Our family is very proud to have learned this philosophy while attending Gwinnett Church.

Gwinnett Church participates annually in a much larger global campaign that focuses on these very principles - giving, serving, and loving. While the overall intent of the campaign is to meant to impact countless communities and organizations, each participating church concentrates their efforts, resources, and energy locally. Trident Cleaners is dedicated to mirroring this same approach in Gwinnett County.

“SERVING” the community with a valuable cleaning service as well as participating in local chamber of commerces and business associations was easy. “LOVING” each and every one of our customers, the community, and the environment was also very straightforward. “GIVING” provided the most challenge for us as it relates to how best to give back as a small business. We firmly believe that if our family is afforded the opportunity to prosper by partnering with local residents and businesses, it is our responsibility to utilize a portion of those proceeds towards assisting local charities.

Our hope is that one day Trident Cleaners grows into a fleet of cleaning trucks that can each support its own charity. In the short term, Trident Cleaners will be pledging financially to assist five local organizations supporting the following areas: special needs families, anti-bullying, animal fostering & “no-kill” animal shelters, environmental conservation, and childhood cancer.


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COVID-19 Announcement

Special Announcement Regarding COVID-19

Trident Cleaners, Georgia’s only commercial dumpster cleaning company, has modified its operation to provide mobile sterilization services to the metro-Atlanta area during the current health crisis.

What we can Offer to local Governments, Businesses, and HOAs:

  • Utilization of highly pressurized water at temperatures above boiling to completely sterilize surfaces without the use of chemicals!

  • Assist local businesses and municipalities prepare accordingly for “re-opening” when deemed appropriate.

  • Practical solution for restaurant patios, playgrounds, benches, railings, shopping carts, store entrances, drive-thrus, pool furniture, and more!

  • Integrity and transparency-based pricing.

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