The Trident

A trident is a three-pronged spear. It is traditionally used for spear fishing or as a close contact weapon. In classic mythology, the trident was wielded by the God of the Sea as a divine instrument possessing great power. Within Greek mythology, the God of the Sea is known as Poseidon. Depending on the myth, the trident was used by Poseidon for creating bodies of water, controlling the tides, and even causing earthquakes.

The trident was selected as the namesake for our company to exhibit a great deal of symbolism. On the most basic level, the trident is meant to represent the power of water. Our unique cleaning process combined with state-of-the-art equipment harness the strength of pressurized water to yield an unrivaled result. Even though we can’t count Poseidon as an actual employee, modern-day myths are being written one cleaning at a time!

As it relates to personal life, the trident symbolizes a deeper meaning. The three prongs of the trident are meant to personify my wife and two daughters. Much like the trident grants additional power to Poseidon, my family imparts the strength, motivation, and support in me to embark on this entrepreneurial journey. The trident logo is a constant reminder of what I value most while inspiring me to always do my best.

At the heart of Trident Cleaners’ core values exists another meaning for the trident. The three individual prongs are meant to embody a philosophy that guides us daily – Give, Serve, Love. Our family is dedicated to being active members of our chosen local church – Gwinnett Church. Each year, Gwinnett Church (which belongs to a popular network of Atlanta churches) participates in a campaign that focuses on giving, serving, and loving within Gwinnett County. We can think of no better model to emulate as it relates to operating a business within our community.


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